welcome to asgsoftware with highly experienced team of professionals. Our focus are custom made solutions for platforms like Iphone and Android, solution for areas like finance and gaming and web services like web site development, domain registration and hosting services and more and more popular SEO, SMM and related services. ASG Innovative Software mission is helping customer achieving higher levels with use of today’s available technologies on the best possible way. Our vision is to be strong, reliable one stop partner with good quality services and solutions.  http://www.bonusfreespin.com/

ASG Innovative Software Ltd employs brilliant, tech-obsessed iPhone developers and engineers. The engineers at our iPhone development studio have all the expertise you seek in the iPhone Software Development. ASG’s sophisticated team of dedicated iPhone developers can provide on-demand capacity to help meet your requirements and on-time delivery to the marketplace. We work closely with client right from the beginning, from design of the application to finishing powerful, feature-rich iPhone apps with very state of the art design and functionality of interface. The development process begins and ends with the client, from the time when you contact us with your idea for an app or game all the way to the final public release in the App Store. Everything we do is client-centered. ASG Innovative Software Ltd has developed some solutions that are available through App Store. We are the market leaders on specific fields like cross-platform, mobile optimized websites. We are proficient in technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Sencha Touch, our developers create extraordinary mobile web interfaces that meet your requirements. http://www.blackjackklubben.com/



Android Application developers Our team of engineers can also develop costume made applications and games for Android, which is powerful mobile and tablet-friendly OS. Android gains different hardware manufacturers. With our engineers and designers specializing exclusively in Android, we are one of the best Android software development company. We specialize in working with the Android Development kit, making use of the Java Programming language. Android is a multitasking and multithreaded environment, so developers have significant control over things like an application’s appearance and ultimate capabilities. The development process begins and ends with the client, from the time when you contact us with your idea for an app or game all the way to the final public release.

Development of new technologies brings new opportunities to everyday life. ASG Innovative Software focus on today and future demands on the market and develop solutions based on more than 20 years experiences on complex projects around the globe. Our solutions are based on newest available technologies and all web based and multilingual. Focus on development of our solutions is new waves of cloud computing which allows customers to achieve better results, improvements and cost optimizations. By researches companies can save up to 45% of IT operation costs. Our team consists of highly creative and innovative individuals with passion and commitment of would best solutions and high quality services what is your way to success. Read more about the new future called VR gaming


Software For Sportsbooks | Metals Storage Solutions | iPhone Development | Android Development We at ASG Innovative Software are dedicated to provide first class solutions to our valuable customers. Mobile application developers Mobile applications ASG Innovative Software mobile application development division is focused on development on different platforms, like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, J2ME etc. Key points in the development are vision, originality and innovation. Other custom made solutions We can build any custom made solution on today best web technologies and with best of breed industry standards. Below are two examples of our already made solutions that can be customized on customer requirements. Entertainment Solution: Online entertainment industry is one on the fastest growing industry in today’s internet world. Our software is state of the art solution designed for providing betting services for different types of betting, like tennis, football, horse riding, etc. Basic functionality from user point of view is logging into the system, placing bets and at the end also gives requests for money withdrawal etc. Solution is made on web technology and work in web environment, also administration part is web based, so you do not need any installation on your personal computer. Precious Metals Solution: Uncertain political future, highly unstable economic situation and volatile currencies demand use of alternative investment strategies for maintaining of your wealth. One of the most popular and used strategy is investments in precious metals. Growing market require sophisticated solution. More info about our solutions. Are you interested? Just fill our contact form and we will come back to you within 24 hours.